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Please help me with this survey. It only takes a short time

I am currently a Master's student in the IUP Student Affairs in Higher Education program and we are doing an informal study of college students and their responses to a survey that our class has constructed. I would greatly appreciate any and all responses for this survey. You may send them to my email at mmzl@iup.edu.  

1)    This is for the purpose of a class discussion only (i.e., it will not be published anywhere).
2)    Your responses will be anonymous and will be combined with others.
3)    Your participation is purely voluntary and you may stop at any time.

1. During the spring 2005 semester, how many hours per week, on average, were you engaged in the following activities?

   Studying  __________________  

   Working (employment) __________________ 

   Exercising/working-out  __________________  

  Co-curricular activities (e.g., clubs, sports, etc.)?  __________________ 

2. Name an activity that helps you relieve stress. 

3. What is your primary source of funding to finance your college education?

4. Which best describes your living arrangement during the spring 2005 semester (check one)?

 residence hall
 off-campus apartment
 with family
 other (please describe)         

5. Name one activity that takes place on the “ideal” date?

6. What was your primary consideration in selecting the college/university you attend?

7. During the spring 2005 semester, how did you typically get your dinner? (check one)

 cook for yourself
 take out/delivery
 dine out
 eat in a university/college dining center or cafeteria
 parent/partner cooks for you
 other (please describe)         

8. In a typical semester, how many times per month do you speak on the phone with parent(s) and/or other immediate family members?

9. Name one material item/thing you simply cannot live without.

10. How many hours or minutes per day are you on the internet for academic purposes?

11. How many hours or minutes per day do you spend on the internet for recreation/pleasure (e.g., chatting, surfing, emailing)?

12. How many times last semester did you physically enter your university/college library?

13. How much money did you spend per week, on average, on laundry during the spring 2005 semester?

14. How many credit cards do you have?

15. How far (i.e., miles) are you from your home or family of origin?

16. If you drink alcohol, do you now drink more, less, or about the same as you did in high school?

17. How many all-nighters did you pull this past semester?

18. How many hours of sleep do you get per night during the typical semester?

19. How many classes did you skip during the spring 2005 semester?

20. Name a group on college campuses which is most often the target of prejudice or

21. How many different phone numbers do you have where you can be reached?

22. Name a way a college student might cheat to do better in a course?

23. In a typical month, how many religious services do you attend?

24. Who is one of your personal heroes?

25. Name one characteristic you sought in the friends you’ve made in college.

26. Name a way in which college students do not take care of themselves or do not maintain their bodies/health.

27. During the spring 2005 semester, what was your class rank (based on the number of credits completed by the start of the semester)?

 Freshman (0 – 29 credits)
 Sophomore (30 – 59 credits)
 Junior (60 – 89 credits)
 Senior (90+ credits)

Thank you for completing this survey!

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