meggies7781 (meggies7781) wrote in rezlifestaff,

New to the community

Hey everyone! I am new to the community. I recently graduated college after being an RA for three years. I am currently looking for AC and RD positions for grad school. I really loved being an RA and I miss the atmosphere of my staff and my residents!
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Welcome!!! I love your icon, by the way. Next fall I'll be going into by third year as an RA and doing the whole grad school search too. It's scary! Are there aby schools in particular you are looking at?
I am looking at St Rose in NY (thats where I graduated from) and Southern CT State University. Two schools that are VERY different when you compare sizes and amount of students! I also signed up for an e-mail alert from You get weekly e-mails telling you about positions opening up in areas of the country that you would consider moving to. They ask you what kinds of College Personnel jobs you would be looking for and then a weekly e-mail is formulated for your interests. Its really great!
I know St. Rose! I live about 2 hours out of Albany and have a friend that goes there. That website email sound fantastic. Best of luck!