Nikki (baitbunny) wrote in rezlifestaff,

my boards!

Hi Amazing RAs!!!

I haven't posted pictures of my bulletin boards for a while, so now I have for you Dec. 03, Jan and Feb. 04! (I haven't done my March one yet, it's going to be about culture jamming and civil creativity! Yaaay.)

^DECEMBER 2003. This one was winter themed, teaching kids how to stay warm, and winter fashion fun, plus winter activities. :)

^JANUARY 2004. We only had two weeks left of the month when we came back for the spring semester, so this one wasn't as meticulous or tedious as my other boards...

^FEBRUARY 2004. I chose blue and green colors with splashes of yellow instead of pinks and reds for Valentine's, and made the Valentine mailboxes for residents more about friendship love than relationship love. Also, there's a damn bloody comic on the right lower corner there about the real truth behind Love Day!

I hope everyone's semesters have been going really great so far. My school's having spring break in 3 days, and it will be really nice to have time off to myself and catch up with schoolwork and knitting. :)
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