Nikki (baitbunny) wrote in rezlifestaff,

Last RA board of the year!!!

Hi RA superstars!!!

Here is my *last* RA board for the year. It took me a while to put these up because I keep forgetting my camera. But here it is. :)

^Dear Residents: An Open Letter/Reflection Scrapbook^

^Letter from Senior-Year Nikki to Freshman-Year Nikki^

^Left side of the board is about me; I figure I'd let residents know about me after an entire year!^

^Right side of the board are little memories about this past year, little notes and flyers that I've saved.^

^The open letter to my residents in the middle. I cried in the middle of writing it.^

It was my best board yet; it was a difficult board for me to make. Anyway, hope y'all enjoy it. I've been documenting all of my RA boards this year so hope this wraps up the year nicely for you all. Also share your end of the year board pictures if you have them! :)
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